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In comparison, CDs were marketed moncler jackets canada by

The History of the Vinyl Record and the Production of New Technologies

moncler sale outlet In 1980, three years before the electronics corporations Sony and Philips had even introduced the first CD (Compact Disc) to the market, people began to predict the death of the vinyl record. This was, in part, due to the fact that the two companies had announced the impending release of something called a “digital disc player.” In response to this news, reporters and journalists from around the world quickly began to gravitate around Sony and its plans for the future of music technology. ‘We don’t expect the LP to be obsolete overnight,’ said moncler outlet mall [Michael Schulhof, president of Sony Industries]. ‘There will certainly be a period when the analog disc and the digital disc coexist. But we would hope that by 2000 the industry will be primarily digital. The audio quality is just so much greater. The change will be similar to moncler outlet canada what happened when stereo took over from mono.’ (Kirkeby, 1980: 60)

As an afterthought, it is fascinating that Sony’s president was able to precisely calculate how long it would take American society womens moncler jackets to make the shift from using analog to digital technology. But more importantly, Kirekby’s exposure reveals moncler outlet ny that the creators of CDs were predicting the impending downfall of vinyl, before even releasing their product to the moncler outlet online store market. One reason for Sony’s extreme confidence in the future moncler jackets cheap success of CDs was because of how CDs were discussed in the media as the next step in the evolution of discs (Goodman 1980).

moncler outlet moncler jacket online online Although American newspapers and moncler outlet usa magazines described CDs as if they were an extension moncler jackets for women of record technology, some music critics warned their readers of the serious threat that digital technology posed to the functional use of vinyl records. For example, before the invention of CDs, the function of the vinyl record was to play music. If someone wanted to hear their favorite song or listen to a new album, the vinyl record was the only type of technology that was able to perform this function. moncler outlet woodbury Therefore, vinyl records during this period of time had a high function value.

However, as new digital moncler outlet location technology emerged that essentially mimicked vinyl records in both concept and function, society was introduced to additional ways of listening cheap moncler jackets outlet to music more conveniently. CDs threatened the functional use of vinyl because people now had access to music in ways that did not require using records or record players. In comparison, CDs were marketed moncler jackets canada by Sony and Philips as having a greater functional moncler jackets on sale use than vinyl records because they were more durable, reliable, and could be used outside of the home.

As the media continued to forecast CDs as the next step in the evolution of discs, the music industry was forced to invest a considerable amount of their moncler coats sale capital into the success of CD technology. In order to make space for CD manufacturing plants and their large amounts of resources, vinyl moncler jackets men manufacturing facilities were shut down by the hundreds. Although industry insiders expressed their discontent for this “technology trade off,” they were still very excited about the future of CD technology (Booth 1983:57). One Warner Brothers executive reportedly said, “Clearly, the Compact Disc has great advantages, even above and beyond the moncler jacket outlet superlative audio quality. It has the look and feel of something new” (Booth 1983: 57). This quote is important because it is exemplifies how many record industry executives felt at the time mesmerized by the promising image and sound of CDs. These executives were thinking about profit margins, and never Official Moncler Outlet once considered how it cheap moncler jackets might change the ways record collectors experience the music.

cheap moncler The Invasion of the CD In 1983, Sony and Philips finally unveiled the CD to the general public, claiming cheap moncler that it was more durable and reliable than any other medium on the market. While the ubiquity of industry support and positive media reviews of CD technology contributed to CDs’ fast and moncler coats outlet enduring success, one reporter discussed the early criticisms of CDs and interviewed several critics. For example, a California audio dealer objected to the “dirty” quality, the “grittiness” in CD recordings. The critic described CD sound as “a coarsening of orchestral and vocal textures,” as well as “a lack of depth information” (Lander 1983: 86 7).

Many in the record collecting subculture discount moncler outlet share this opinion, that the sound of vinyl is superior because it is less compressed. For example, in an issue moncler outlet uk of Rolling moncler jackets mens Stone from 1983, journalist Stephen Booth attempted to capture the disgruntled sentiment of record collectors:

monlcer down jackets The epitaph for analog shouldn’t be how poor it sounded, but how good. Yet the sad but inescapable fact remains that analog simply is not capable of reproducing the memory of a musical performance with perfect fidelity to the original. Enter moncler outlet digital buy moncler jackets toronto audio. (55)

Booth’s cheap moncler jackets wholesale response to the invention of CDs is fascinating for two reasons. First, he explains that the invasion of CDs is moncler coats for cheap practically inescapable, and that ultimately, he believes that digital audio is more reliable than analog sound. Despite this, Booth also suggests that vinyl, while flawed in certain ways, deserves the respect of society because it was an important landmark in the history of sound.

cheap moncler sale As technology within the music industry improved at a rapid rate, the cost of production and consumer prices decreased correspondingly. For example, between 1983 and moncler outlet kids 1987, the price of a CD player dropped moncler jackets outlet online from $900 to $150 (Fantel 1985:50). Although it is not uncommon for the price of new technologies to decrease over time, some have speculated that the price fell moncler coats for men so quickly because the music industry was determined to accelerate the adoption of CD technology. Therefore, if the record companies had not made the rapid improvements to CD technology that they did, it might Discount Moncler Coats have taken CD players a lot longer to become conventional in American society.

moncler outlet Although there has been some decrease moncler chicago in the value of vinyl records since they were invented, it is hypothesized that because of their rarity in today’s society, as well as their admiration by individuals in the record collecting subculture, some vinyl records have increased in value.

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Beginning in the 19th century, the German sociologist, Karl Marx, undertook his critique of the capitalist mode of production. 1985. “CD Grows Up: An Expensive Toy Becomes a Sound Investment.” Rolling Stone 96:50.

cheap moncler jackets Goodman, Fred. 1984. “Record Industry Preparing to Bury the LP.” Rolling Stone 24.

moncler outlet sale Kirkeby, Mark. moncler outlet online 1980. “The Pleasures of Home Taping: Tapers Reject Record Industry Line.” Rolling Stone 62 64.

moncler outlet store Lander, Dan. 1983. “Digital Discontent.” Rolling Stone 86 88.

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The Record Industry has always been trying to sell the consumer the latest and greatest moncler outlet store technologies but they don’t always get it right Quad Sound was a commercial failure due to moncler outlets uk many technical problems and format incompatibilities. Quadraphonic audio formats were more expensive to produce than standard two channel stereo. Playback required additional speakers and specially designed decoders and amplifiers. The next moncleroutletmall best thing was then the LaserDisc, although the format was capable of offering higher quality video and audio than its consumer rivals, the VHS and Betamax videocassette systems, LaserDisc never managed to gain widespread use in North America, largely due to high costs for the players and video titles themselves and the inability to record TV programming. When CDs first came out the players were so expensive it looked as if the CD was going to fall by the wayside as well due to the cost involved with playback but as the new CD moncler coats for women technology took hold manufacturing cost came down on consumer players breathing life back into the compact disc.

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